Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flying Geese Quilt is ready to comfort Marlene

I got the binding on the flying geese quilt and now I can send it with Randy to comfort Marlene who is in the hospital. She is elderly and has had increasing problems since she went to the hospital a few weeks ago. We are not sure she will fully recover and get to come home but I hear she is in good spirits and is planning on so we will see. I am hoping the Spring colors and flowers in this quilt cheer her. I really enjoyed making a quilt for someone I really don't know (I have met her in passing when I have been at Randy's...she likes the outdoors so I often see her sitting in her swing reading or working on her flowers) and want to once again thank Steph in Kingman, Arizona for supplying the batting, thread and most of the time to put the fabulous baptist fan on this quilt. She did it the day after it arrived and got it right back to me too! THANKS! If you are the praying type, please say a prayer that Marlene gets her stregth back and can walk again and come home soon.

Kathy and I finished step two of the Orange Crush quilt the night before last. This means we have made 284 of these little patches in the picture below. Last night I decided to finish up all the extras I had cut until I ran out of the larger triangles and had to quit. I played around and put them in this arrangement for the picture, but not sure yet what to do with the extras. I also have extra scrappy four patches so may have a few doll quilts or little quilts at the end of this too. So fun to use up scraps too!
Today I plan to do my starry-eyed blocks...have had them cut out for days and just haven't gotten to them yet!


Amanda said...

What a pretty quilt, and I'm sure it will be really appreciated. Flying geese blocks always look so good don't they?

Quirky said...

It's looking good, Andee. Have you thought about making some cushions with the extra scrappy four patches?

Sue in West Oz

Karin said...

You have a very nice blog. I love your sewing things.
Thank you for your commentar on my blog.