Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flying Geese and More

I got to stop at a store up north and I bought my "N" fabric...they did not have any numbers so we went with nurses. You can see a bit of it here with the cute fat quarters that I took home too! Not sure what I will do with them, but I don't have any like this and they just said SPRING to me. I got the "N" fabric all washed, cut up and in the envelopes to go, can't wait to get back not one but two ABC swaps--one from two different groups.
Comfort Quilt block for an online friend of a friend. He has cancer, I hope the quilt we Pickle's are making brings him some comfort....
Randy's downstairs neighbor/tenant went to the hospital a few weeks ago. She has had a few strokes and now a heart attack...could be awhile before she gets home. She is really sweet whenever I run into her though I don't really know her. I decided to make her a flying geese quilt to cheer her, bring her some Spring colors inside her hospital room and keep her warm. Kathy helped me today and I sewed and she cut...we used Eleanor Burn's book and ruler to make it easier. I added an extra row of geese to her lap size quilt but used smaller borders. I made the backing too. Just need to get some batting and get it tied, or try to find someone from their church who has a quilting machine...think I will be tying it though.

I really like how it turned out, and with big geese like this it went together pretty well. Two of my yellow geese aren't quite right (tips cut off) it took me a few to get the hang of things, but I got it now!
This is the attic closet behind my sewing can see Greybear and Jade LOVE IT in there. If they aren't on my table, my fabric, etc. they are in here hanging out safe from our four dogs!

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