Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chicago Quilt Show Part Two!

If you are still with me after that last long post, here are more of my purchases. This is just a small wallhanging "Tree of Life" that I thought looked great. Not something I would usually choose, but the booth had lots of great stuff and this caught my eye.

I found the second issue of Quilter's Home Magazine! I didn't even know I had missed the first two issues for some odd reason...sigh. So now I am on the hunt for the first one. This was a great read on the bus ride home! This pic also has a pattern for several pincushions (my newest interest) as well as a bookcover pattern which you can make with lots of different options. The other thing you can't really see is the freebee I got from the booth I bought a cool mermaid card/bookmark for Kathy and the Tree of Life pattern.
This is not the best pic, but it is the free bag I got with Kathy's dog fabric and pattern. It came in quite handy while I was shlepping things around!
I also bought a cool "Puss in the Corner" pattern that Hannah (my 18 year old daughter) claimed immediatly. I had her in mind when I bought it...she has done a little quilting with my help but has never shown a huge interest and lo and behold she wants to hit the fabric store and try making it! I am so she has the pattern in her room someplace so I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

On the bus ride home Lynn (shop owner) gave each of us this fun kit from one of the booths (I need to look it up project is to go through all the cards I grabbed at the show!) that I actually HAND SEWED on the bus! It took a little more than an hour, was my first time hand sewing. You may be able to see the basting is still in it until I attach it to something. It was rather fun to do (and made the ride home seem shorter) and several of us made ours. There are little paper hexagons that can be reused and you baste the fabric around the paper and then attach them to each other and eventually you take the basting out. It was kind of fun to do and I may look at getting one of the kits. Somehow I didn't even see the booth this was in or the gal demonstrating it. There was so much to see and do.
On the house front...we had our 25th showing today...have several people looking repeatedly but so far no offers. The realtor came out and got a no snow shot of the house and we have been working on the yard to make things prettier!
Oh and I bought a pin for the show so now I have three different quilt related pins so it is an official collection!
I sent off Marlene's quilt to Kingman, Arizona to Steph and she put baptist fan on it the day after it arrived! She offered to do this and we haven't even met. What a fantastic gal and I can't wait to meet her when I get to AZ. You can go to her site to see the quilting and after I get it back and add the binding I will post another pic or two. Thanks so much Steph, YOU ROCK!

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