Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going to Chicago

I am packing my stuff for the International Quilt Show in Chicago! I am riding the bus with the LQS (I don't know anyone going as far as I know) and staying overnight on Saturday so will have two days at the show. First time I have gone to a show this big and I have saved quite a bit of money so I am looking forward to going a little wild!
My other exciting news is that my new online friend from my Quiltville group and blogland has volunteered to quilt Marlene's Comfort Quilt for me. Thanks Steph! I shipped the quilt off to AZ today and can hardly wait to give it to Randy to give to Marlene. I hope it cheers her.
We got a new Starry-eyed block link to make, but I haven't done it yet. I think that will be for next week when I get back. Been grading papers, tests and homework like crazy the past week or so.
I will be bringing my camera to Chicago and should have lots of pictures of new friends (meeting people from my online groups--LOTS of them are going!) and quilts, etc!

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