Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pictures of the Stolen Stuff

My purse and bookbag and all my stuff except the cash and jewelry were found two blocks from where it was taken (400-600 block of Elm Street). If you see these items please contact me. It is a shot in the dark, but it is a shot!

Jewelry Stolen from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin on Saturday Feb. 23, 2008.
Two tone gold and silver Seiko watch, Italian Charm Bracelet and gold Mother Child Diamond Necklace

Not pictured, but also stolen is a child size small silver pendant that has floral etchings as well as Nancy and Greg October 1976. The mother child gold diamond necklace had come apart near the clasp and needs repairing. 2 quilt charms
I love you sign language hand
Interpreting sign language hands
I love my kids
I love Kathy
Saguaro cactus
Get r done
Class of 2006
I love reading
G (Green Bay Packer symbol)
Pink “Angel”
August raised birthstone
Shooting stars
I love reading
Tucan bird
1 more unknown

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