Friday, February 1, 2008

Star and Crescent Block and a few Fat Quarters!

The block above (laying on one of my new fat quarters for lovely background effect) was my evening challenge project. I was supposed to applique it either by needle turn method or by turning the seams under and pressing then doing the applique but I didn't make it through one diamond piece that way! The only other applique I have done has been by machine and I am not great at that in fact see the next picture for my start on a project that I keep setting aside because I am not thrilled with how it is turning out! I just have to try to relax on the perfection and enjoy the process I guess.

Not the best picture but here are the fat quarters I bought today...I have been trying hard to stick to my stash but I my Bargello Seasons class just started and I wanted some special fabrics to mix in with what I had. I have to print off the first lesson and get to it tomorrow. It should be fun!

If you are interested in this block you can get it for free at
My Yahoo NewQuiltingClub is doing a BEOW and this was one of the blocks suggested there. Really fun to just use my scraps and make different star blocks!

In time my hand applique will get better, but it sure is relaxing to do while watching a movie. Hannah had "The Breakfast Club" on for most of it and that brought back memories of a long ago era!

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