Friday, February 22, 2008

How the House is Coming Along!

Today my cousin came to help clean, the carpet guy came and cleaned the upstairs carpet and my new loveseat (chair with bed in it!) was delievered! Kathy did tons of running and little stuff and painted the rest of Mac's room too. I just got done taking pictures of the is getting there. Next Wed. we are getting new carpet installed in the kids' rooms so I will post pictures of their rooms after that. Bathrooms need the new toilet seat installed later tonight, but they are ready! Still some work in the kitchen and touch up painting in Mac's room and we decided to do the stairway wall too. Oh and need to spray paint the inside and outside of the front door if the temp goes up this weekend.

Jade loves the water fountain I set up!

You can still see boxes and a little more clutter than the end result, but it is much improved from the first pictures we took! It is getting there!

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