Monday, February 4, 2008

Bargello Bowl Top Together!

*************************************************************************************************************************************I finished cutting and sewing the last panels tonight and got the top all together. I like it, Kathy really likes it. We decided that we will make this into a new duvet cover for my Norway blanket. The old cover is getting holes in it from wear and tear since I got it in Norway, so I will use it for the lining and this pretty quilt will be the top. The very top and bottom of this one has leftover fabric from my Weaver Fever top which is what is on my bed now so in a strange eclectic sort of way it will match the rest of the bedroom. Smile. I can't wait to get it on the bed!
In other news, we worked on the bedroom earlier and rearranged some of the furniture to make the room look more balanced. Dusted, got rid of the cobwebs (apparently we host all the block's spiders). Moved the pretty lamps up there, etc. The bathrooms are pretty much done (except downstairs grouting) since Randy got the floor done downstairs Saturday and Kathy and I did the one upstairs. Looking better in here everyday! Well off to bed, I have a full day tomorrow.


A Prairie Home Quilts said...

Your Bargello Bowl quilt is lovely!

Tracy said...

I love how your Bargello turned out!