Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spring Bargello Quilt

First I picked out the fabrics for a spring like look, cut them to size and arranged them lightest to darkest as far as my eye could figure. This is not easy for me and I agonized on the color order and asked for second opinions and this is what I wound up with.

Next I sewed the strips together and even followed my teacher Ruth's tip to sew from opposite ends each time. This really did help things to come out nicely...a shame I forgot to do that for the next part. This is what it looks like in a tube.

Cutting the strips went okay but I found it really hard to get them square since there is an uneven amount of strips so it doesn't lay flat. My strips were a tiny bit wonky at this point but when I laid them out I liked the design.

After I got them all together and trimmed the excess from the edges this is what it looks like. I had to unsew one row (Kathy helped with that since I was busy looking for my seam ripper that has gone to who knows where! I got out a back up seam ripper but no clue where the bigger one went!) and one row I accidently put going up instead of down or down instead of row early I made the change...decided it was a creative design choice and left it hahaha.
I learned quite a bit from this quilt though...if I get really energetic I may try to do another one and remember to switch my direction when sewing the rows. I also may try to figure out how to get it to lay better for cutting so the cuts are more straight! Overall though I am happy with my Quilt University Spring Bargello!

Chili all set in the crock pot and I sampled it for dinner tonight. We will have it, cornbread and trying a new recipe for Artichoke dip too for Superbowl Sunday. Kathy is quite excited about the Patriots--I am still not over the Packers being out. So whoohoo go Patriots!

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