Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sawtooth Star Block Completed

Here is my sawtooth star BEOM. Hmmm I learned something about value from this block I think. I love these two fabrics together, but when sewn like this the star gets lost among the other busy fabric. Obviously a purple, pink or red would have worked better! I may have to do another because I really like the block, but my fabrics do not do it justice. That is okay, it was a quick block and one I have not done before I don't think.

I looked through some fabric to do the next BEOM which is the folded star. Pattern is available here but it has over 50 pieces in it! I don't think I have ever done that many pieces in a 12 inch size block! I am really unsure about this one. The block is nice looking though so I will try it and see!

Here is the picture I promised of my son doing stuff to ready the house for sale. This ladder is 16 feet high and you can see you can touch the ceiling when you get to the top of it. Mac discovered he could put the tools in the top holes of the ladder (I didn't know they were there and I have been up that ladder) proving he is a natural fix it man just like his older brother Coleman!

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