Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good News and Progress on the house...

The good news is that I got a call today that someone had found some of my stuff. First thing they found was the driver's license so they called and had me come over to see what else might be there. A really nice couple (the O'Donnel's) led me straight back into the ally behind their house and a little farther down (not far at all from where it was stolen aobut two blocks exactly) where we found buried in the snowbank my school bag and purse and contents of both all over the place. The papers are pretty much trash, but it appears everything is recovered EXCEPT my watch, Italian charm bracelet, silver pendant and diamond mother child necklace and 10 bucks. Everything else (now all cancelled of course) was there. Sigh. So I am happy about that but still upset about the jewelery.
We also had carpet put in the kid's rooms today and then discovered a strange yellow stain on Mac's carpet which we can't get off. So they will be coming to relay the carpet again tomorrow. So we have Hannah's room all set and furniture all over in the living room waiting til after tomorrow. I have to wonder about my luck. Wish I had time to sew and cheer myself but at this point I can't get myself there!
In case you (like me) need to see before and after pictures side by side I am going to post them here.

Hannah's room, new carpet and all!

Downstairs Bathroom


Our Room

Upstairs Bathroom

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