Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Sawtooth Star Block Cut Out

Today I mostly worked, but I managed to sneak in some time to cut out one Sawtooth Star block out. My Yahoo NewQuiltingClub group is doing two "BEOW" blocks every other week...all various stars. I have never done that (as opposed to a whole quilt top) but thought I could make time for this and use up my stash. Not sure what I will do with the finished product in the end, but there is always someone with a hand up happy to take my quilts! Here is the link if you are interested in making this one http://www.quilting-arts-forum.com/bom8_7.html I really need to learn how to imbed links in here one of these days!
I was hoping to sew this block up tonight, but instead we got busy cleaning and changing around the living room to get it ready for sale. Mac helped by taking down all the hardware, blinds, etc in the upper window of our living room. I will post a picture of him on the world's hugest ladder (in my living room!) later on when I get it off the camera.
Earlier today we also chiselled the ice and snow off the deck, moved the old picnic table (Randy is taking it home) and put the other lawn furniture on our frozen porch. Great fun but needed to be done! That's it for tonight!

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