Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Cutting Done and Update on the House

Well I finally made time to cut out the one and a half inch strips for my "summer" Seasons Bargello quilt (wallhanging size) for my Quilt University class. I need to get it done before Friday night or Saturday because our teacher will be posting the "autumn" pattern then. I need to get cracking on which fabrics to use for that one. I have one strip in this one (third from the right) that is a different color but same fabric pattern that is in my "spring" version. Bought four colors to try to work them in since we can put this all in one lap quilt when we are done. I haven't decided on that or wallhangings yet. Originally I thought a seasonal wall hanging to change in my eventual quilting studio would be nice, but now I am thinking a lap quilt would be good too. Anyway I am not entirely enthused with this group of fabrics but I am working with what I have here and so we will see how it turns out. Summer has lots of sun and green so they do make me think of summer anyway!

We spray painted our front door today. Ok Kathy did it while I was working (grin). It was ORANGE--like 70's orange inside and out and now it is a fabulous almond color. I really think it is a huge improvement. Should have done this awhile back. It might need another coat yet, we will decide in the sunlight tomorrow. Yay to that!
Here is the new loveseat/chair/bed we got. We have it covered by two quilts and two blankets right now as we are training the dogs to stay off it. We bought some bitter bitter spray and sprayed an old blanket on top of it for two days and they didn't care for it and stayed away. We didn't care for it either. We added a rug to the living room and they are happy to have that to lay on but old habits die hard. Mostly it is going better than we expected. I know it is hard to retrain dogs, but they have destroyed three couches in about as many years with constant jumping on it. Where it was before they liked to climb on the back to see out the window. That rips the cushion off the couch...sigh. I like to have them lay on it with me, but don't like the wear and tear on the back so we are going to try to keep them off the couch. They can still go on the beds though!
Kathy got the white toilet seat on and the fish one off so the downstairs bathroom is all done too! Left on the list of things to fix is laundry doors (half done) take down hardware in Hannah's room, new carpet in kids' rooms (on Wed.), toilet seat upstairs, and we decided to paint the upstairs bedroom. We will also touch up some paint outside and we have bags of leaves to get rid of as soon as Spring hits since we didn't ditch them all in time last Fall!

Off to Margarita Monday at the Mexican Restaurant downtown. I think I am driver tonight though so no margarita for me!

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