Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not much Quilting Going On!

Not much quilting going on since I have been working and we have been trying to get our house ready to put on the market. We are making lots of progress with that though in the interim the house looks worse than it did before. We got a huge storage roll off in our driveway and have been filling it diligently. We pack until we run out of boxes and then we go get more boxes and pack some more! Yesterday we went and bought a new chair half sleeper in intermission mocha. It will be delivered before the first. I really like it though it is a little smaller than a loveseat I can see possibilities for it after we move and the color was great. Randy came today and took a load of stuff we no longer want or need (picnic table, chairs, bookshelf, etc.) though he needs to get a friend with a truck to come help with some of it.

Since I haven't been quilting and had to pack up some of my sewing fabric and such I decided to take pictures of all of my projects that I need to do so here they are!

This first picture is Rachel's fabric for her "Outside the Box" quilt. The backing is on the bottom and I picked colors for the top from that. Hannah likes the fabric so much she wasn't sure if she should offer up her quilt and get the new one. Ha ha. This should be my next big project, but we will see! I really want it done in time to send to Rachel in Norway for next Christmas though so I have plenty of time.

This fabric is for a "Jewel of the Prairie" quilt I want to do. It is all batik and cost me a small fortune. I am almost afraid to cut into the fabric so that is why this hasn't been started. Well that and also because I think a design wall would really help me with this and I don't have one til we move. I am not sure who this is for so I packed it up for now.

I bought this as a kit which the store owner had adapted to the circus fabric (instead of the tortoise and the hare it was intended for). I really liked the quilt, but the one in the picture is cuter. I am not sure why I haven't cut this one and gotten started, but it will get done eventually.

I had to have this fabric and pattern when I saw it not too long ago. I planned to make a car quilt with it (the shop had a quilt hung up and I tried to copy the fabric they used--I know I am hardly original!) After I read the pattern I realized that there are lots of diamonds (duh) and I have to make a template, etc. So it is all waiting for me and I brought my Arizona Dreams quilt to the car for now. SMILE!

I have most of this one cut out but need to buy some black wool before I can do anything toward finishing it. My sister picked out this pattern when I dragged her into the quilt store with me. Hopefully she will like it when it is done.

The directions are up on Quilt University for our second Seasons Bargello lesson. This one is for summer and I have to choose nine fabrics to use. I have been playing with the fabric but haven't decided yet which to use. My online group NewQuiltingClub has posted another link for our next block called Starry Eyed Block and I need to pick fabrics and learn to paper piece in order to do it. Little worried about how it will come out, but I guess if it is bad I will have learned something from it!

So now the update on Valentine's Day! My sweetheart gave me a pair of gold and diamond earrings which I absolutely love and haven't taken off since, a dozen roses, two cards and she cooked dinner too!

Not our best picture, but you see the smiles! Happy Post Valentine's Day Folks!

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