Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fall Sewing Going On! And a Little Bit of Christmas too!

I have wanted to make this wreath for a long time so I finally did!
First you sew it into squares and then you cut it all up and resew.  I need to quilt it but not sure what to do for that.

I put together a bunch of hst's together to make a table runner and was trying to add the zig zag border but think it is too much without a resting strip I stopped working on this one and am trying to figure out what to do it finish it.  May wind up being two different table runners.  These hst's were given to me or in something I bought second hand and needed a home.


Had to remember how to paper piece again!  I made this Halloween Kitty.

Happy with how I quilted it.  Now it matches my Jack-o-lantern from a few years ago.

 I have also put the center together on the Grassy Creek quilt that Barb gave up on.  Have not taken a photo of it but here is one from when it was half together.  Working on attaching the borders...I still need to make the string border or choose a fabric to use in place of it.  
Barb and I started working on the mini schoolgirl sampler quilt.  We each picked out nine blocks to do and I have one left to go.  Here are a few of them.

Barb and Becky and I continue to sew on Thursdays--we started out every other week and now are pretty much weekly.  We started the Christmastime mystery by Pat Sloan and FatQuarterShop.  Patterns are free there and come out each Tuesday.  First block was a cup.
Second block was candy.

I also quilted and bound the table runner I made.  Pretty happy with how it came out.  May give it to my godaugheter Kelsey for her birthday (or I may pick something else out from my done stuff) as we are celebrating Hazel's second birthday this coming weekend and Kelsey should be there.


Kathy S. said...

You have so many pretty projects happening. Can't believe you will be celebrating Miss Hazel's 2nd birthday! Time flies. Have a blast.

Kira Roza said...

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