Monday, October 19, 2020

Dad's Quilt of Valor and More

I am really enjoying the Once Upon a Book Club boxes!  I read this one in a few days.  Normally I think Picoult is a bit to fluffy but this book had lots of info on Egypt, death dualas, etc.  I actually really enjoyed it and was not sure which couple to root for!
I am also really getting into solo gaming!  I have been playing Tiny Epic Zombies almost everyday.  I need to teach it to Kathy so we can play competitive or cooperatively, but so far I got my ten bucks out of this used game (which arrived with extra kickstarter stuff unbeknownst to me!) and it is my current favorite!
Last Wednesday Kathy had shoulder surgery.  I was her driver but could not hang at the hospital so I hung out with Hannah and Hazel!  So nice to have six hours with her and she was an angel the whole time.  Cannot get enough of this Gramala thing!  Kathy is doing well, I am more worn out than usual from helping her and being her left hand.  Oy!
I dug out my hand sewn hexies to go to the North Shore quilt guild's small socially distanced gathering a few weeks ago.  It was nice to meet five of the members in person.  I have been stitching on a few hexies here and there and am glad this thing is seeing some progress again!
My sister and I nominated our (step) Dad for a QOV almost a year ago.  The gals in Tucson finally were able to deliver (with masks of course) and he loves it!  He served many years in the Navy.

 My sister's ex roomie also got one the same day and he was pretty proud of it too!


Deb A said...

She sure is a cutie! So glad you get to spend snuggle time with her. Hope Kathy heals quickly. Great quilts gifted to some hero's. Have a great week!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hurray for a Hazel day!! Hoping Kathy's shoulder is healing well. SEW glad that your (step) Dad was honored with a QOV, Andee!!