Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Covid 19 Quilting in Place

We started hearing about Covid 19 around the time of my brother's wedding.  By the time my kids left Arizona (and Kathy's sister arrived for a visit the same day) I was convinced schools would close and we would be quarantining.  People thought I was being dramatic or overreacting.  I had that gut feeling it would be like nothing we had ever seen and so far that seems to be so.
We never went back after Spring Break but instead taught online.  I had cleaned my room out during Spring Break in anticipation of this.  When the announcement came they would not let us back in the school without appointments, so I am glad I did this ahead of time.  I did go back one last time to empty out papers and remove the last things from the wall, etc.
Working from home has been nuts.  Lots of work to teach a visual language online.  I am glad it is almost over.  I was still napping in the late afternoon half the days!  Of course, also did packing...usually in the morning a box or two.  It is coming together and there is not much left.  Truck comes in two days and we hired someone to drive our truck (Kathy has a torn rotator cuff) and tow one of the cars.  We will caravan with my mom and stepdad across the country. They have two dogs and we have three dogs and two cats...should be adventurous!  
So Bonnie hooked up with Gudrun for the Quarantine Quiltalong of Elvira so I made two of these quilts.  Why did I make two?  Well I was following along on the video and did not catch her saying that half the blocks had to be cut the opposite way.  You can actually put the fabric right side together and make that magic happen but she did not tell us this.  Several people made this mistake.  ACK!

 The second one goes all in one direction.  I would up throwing in some different fabrics in the first one since I had cut wrong.  I used up my Asian fabric which I really did not care for and had just never used because of that.  Think I donated these to Quilts for Kidz, I had a whole pile and now I am not sure what is packed and what was donated!
Bonnie decided to do her first mystery medallion style quiltalong.  I decided to change up the colors and used yellow for her neutral.  Not sure I would do that again as it changes the look of it so much, but many people like how it turned out.  I am not WOWED by mine though as I usually am with the Quiltville quilts.  I am wowed by others, just not mine.  Just finished it...actually kept up each week since I am working from home and could get in a little sewing or cutting or ironing during meetings online and such.  Mute sound and camera is an amazing thing!
I also decided to make one itty bitty house each day of the quarantine (started several weeks in) and now have over 70 of these houses (design wall is tossed at this point) and a good start.


Barbara said...

I love your Unity with the yellow in place of neutral.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your projects are SEW wonderful, Andee!! Off to see what all this packing and driving is about. Obviously, I missed something here!

Vireya said...

I love your Unity with yellow, too. Maybe you can find someone to give it to who will love it more than you do.

I love your idea of marking the lockdown with a house a day. I wonder how many you will end up with.

Angela said...

Love those little houses. So cute!

SandyPA said...

Nice to see you back on your blog! I decided to skip the quilalongs and focus on UFOs. I followed Bonnie's quarantine quilt and the alternative versions made. IMHO what helped tone down the busy-ness is using a darker color as sashing and/or a slightly darker background in a couple of the rounds. But yours is very pretty with the spring tones. Hope you are feeling okay these days! Sandy at

Terri said...

It is wonderful to see you posting again! I think your Unity looks like pink lemonade :D Sorry you are not WOW'd by it. I am happy to give it a good home ;)

Angela said...

Good luck with the move. Teaching online does allow more time for sewing. Not that most of us would keep doing it that way by choice. Love you your Unity quilt turned out. Bright and happy is not a bad thing right now.

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow you have accomplished so much during quarantine! In addition to learning to work from home, and planning to move! I can't even imagine doing that in COVID time and hope everything goes well with your move. Your Unity quilt is so pretty... I think it would be the perfect quilt for a little girl's room... so bright and happy looking.