Sunday, November 26, 2017

Belated Blogging

I have less time to sew than ever and am struggling to find the time to get it in and to blog about it!  My phone does not automatically save my pictures to dropbox anymore (it is full) and so I have to email my pictures for my blog to myself and half the time I try to send too many so they don't go through..  Then top that off with the way I need to be logged in to blog (as opposed to blogging for my guild or bring able to see my other email that I email my pictures to) and viola, I just don't even get to the blogging.  UGH!  I am still working on my weight loss journey.  I reached onederland a month or so ago, yay!  I have been struggling for the past few weeks though and took a bit of a break where I just did not stress on it, but today I am back on the wagon and working my way back to onderland!  Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year--oh well, I have nothing but time to keep on keeping on!  
So a few weeks ago I completed these two tablerunners which I will gift to Mom and I was thinking my sister, but I think I decided to gift the second one to my son's fiance.  Thanks again to Barb for giving me her leftover bunnies!

 I finally quilted up (not too well I might add the little Christmas Tree mug rugs that were on Kevin the Quilter's blog last year (or was it the year before already?)
 Kathy and I both finished out 35th Ave. BOM for this month. Yep I see the boo boo.  Noticed it this morning.  May leave it--such is my attitude.  See how my Type A is improving, ha!
 I also finished the hand quilting and binding on Bonnie's  A Little Bit Hexie"  super cute, love it.  I am keeping this one for my little quilts collection.
 I also whipped up two little baby tops for future gift giving. 

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