Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend and I am almost happy it is Monday! I took some pictures, but the camera batteries are dead and the cord is not quite where I can grab it so no pictures this post. Saturday morning I quickly finished off the second group of step 3 OC units. They went quickly, got them ironed and put away. We then hit the road to the Festival of Nations in the Twin Cities where we met up with our group of Somalian and Mexican students. I then spent the next four or so hours trying to explain things to Abdikadir. I tried Somailian food (Sambusa) which was really good! Also ate food from India, Pakistan, Norway, Poland..etc. I was an equal opportunity sampler! We did a little bit of shopping at the bazaars from the various areas and got our "passports" stamped in a zillion countries. It was fun and we walked a lot and our legs are still sore. We even did a wine tasting there--wine from six different countries. I will stick to my Lambrusco though it was fun. We then went to Barnes and Noble for a few hours and then believe it or not out for Indian food! Didn't get home and fall into bed until late! Then we got up Sunday morning and drove four hours to see CJ. We played lots of card games and I think I only won two hands! Kathy and CJ are definately better at King in the Corner and Crazy Eights but I held my own at Cribbage. CJ was happy to see us and looks good. It was a nice few hours, but short. We then meandered back home, stopped at the Oshkosh outlet and bought some gifts, and in Wausau for dinner. Got home and fell into bed my email and all that and was out! So I will post some pictures when I locate all the parts I need to do so! Oh I did start working on my first redwork in the car on the way home...did a little bit though I had no hoop and it wasn't so easy in the car!

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