Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kathy's Double Stack in Progress

Kathy was sewing away last night and I was her assistant for a change. She had me ironing and color consulting, lol. She didn't even need me to walk her through the directions...not bad since when she first started to sew I had to pretty much explain each step and watch her do it...she always worries she will mess it up. Now I think she has gained confidence and realizes she is an expert at frogging (she helps with mine too!) so she just went for it and did great! At first she was not doing the block the way they have it but by adding a half block to the top and bottom of the one she did she made it look like two rows of theirs. She got up this morning and faxed a bunch of stuff on the house out (house passed inspection, only a few things to address!) and after getting me coffee so I could lay around and read my blogs in bed (what a perfect morning) she got right back on the sewing machine. She isn't even sure she should give this away since she has fallen in love with the dotty This is supposed to be for JoAnn in MA....might have to pry it away from her. She is turning into quite a quilter..I just heard her say "it's a little bit wonky" which she used to make fun of me for saying! SMILE.

Today we are doing some cleaning, packing and then getting Hannah's stuff to her new storage so there is space in the garage for more stuff we pack. Oh-I stopped over and visited my Papa DeLos yesterday and today need to visit my Dad's mom, Grandma Nan and give her the Vera Bradley purse I got her (and one for me!) I can hardly wait to see if she likes it! I think it is the Betsy (need to check the lable) so here is a picture of it....I LOVE this purse! if you need one too!

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