Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Busy Day, not alot of sewing

We started out the day by getting breakfast at the Eagle restaurant, then hooked up with Randy and headed to the winery. After Kathy (who is damn near 40) got carded we did a wine tasting. I already knew my favorite was "Fall Folly" and it still was after trying a half a dozen wines. I bought a case of wine to bring to Arizona, mostly of this favorite flavor and "Northern Lights" which I also like. Kathy threw in a Pinor Gris which she liked too. We took a few pictures outside and then spotted the cows on the way out. So since Buck doesn't get to see cows too much in Arizona we made him pose for pictures. Kathy joined him and the cows ran off! Randy stayed in the car muttering that we looked like tourists, lol. It was fun.

We came home since it looked like rain and played tons of games. We started out with a new one "Fact or Crap" which I almost won...Randy beat me by three tokens. That man knows plenty of crap, ahem I mean facts. We laughed quite a bit which was nice and had running jokes throughout the game. After that we played "Alibi" again and I won that one! Somewhere in there they thought they would teach me how to play Texas hold em....they laughed so hard at me because I would announce when I had a good hand and all that. I lost pretty fast. Interesting game that one.

Here is Randy with a huge pot of "chips" had to use the fact or crap chips since most everything is packed (as you can see by the shelves above Randy). By this time we had sworn off the wine and switched to coffee.

We then decided to head off to Irvine Park so Buck could see it and we could say goodbye to it too. It has a little zoo and I have been going there since I was a kid. Got a few pictures and Hannah and Jeremy met us for a bit, then we all went to Olsen's for ice cream! We headed home and then had a huge storm a few hours later. Buck was pretty amazed at that too and we really thought it would be a bad one, but in the end it was short lived.

We did some packing and cleaning and laundry and all that and hauled more stuff out to the garage. I can't believe we get a truck in three days...the time is flying! I didn't do any sewing today....tonight I sat down to cut the half triangles out of indigo for the second part of OC's step 5 and realized I had packed up the ruler I need for it. Tomorrow I am going to try to locate it, but not sure I will find the darn thing. Kathy sewed more of her step 4 OC. She is up to 17 blocks. Slow but steady, she thinks they are alot of work to do, but her sewing really has improved ALOT since she started quilting with me a few years ago.
I am currently reading Barbara Walter's "Audtion" which is really interesting (and actually helped me with a few of the fact or crap questions, lol) and is sort of a mini history review as well as a glimpse into her life. I am trying to finish it up though because my online book group (BookiesToo) is doing the summer big read "War and Peace" and I am dying to get started on it. I seem to always be reading three or four books at a time now. Used to be I read one at a time.

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