Sunday, May 11, 2008

And a Great Day was Had by All!

Randy came over and he, Kathy, Hannah, Mac and I played Alibi for the first time. It took a little figuring out to get the directions, but it was a lot of fun. Randy was the one to try to guess, but in the end Hannah won. She has a tendency to be really logical with these games! It was worth the money and we will be playing it again. Do you have a favorite game or card game? I would love to know what it is...we are game people! It was a wonderful gift just to have two of my three kids home playing a game with me!
Kathy also went out and detailed my car! I have been wanting to get it in to be done, but it requires me emptying out a zillion things out of the car so I never seem to get it done. She did a great job and I was able to go through and throw out some of the junk that accumulated in my car since last October when I got it! Now it is almost travel ready for Arizona--we need to get it in for an oil change and check on the tires then it is all set!
Haven't sewn a lick today and I can hear the fabric calling me...

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