Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kathy's OC, Moving to AZ, Hannah's Award and a Job Interview

First off thanks to those of you who tried to help me figure out why I could no longer see my pictures as I was composing. Today I finally pushed the right button (Compose at the top on the right) and it went out of "edit Html" mode which I had accidently pushed and apparently allows me to edit Html which I really don't need to do! So YAY I learned something new. Next thing I want to learn is how to write on my pictures...I love the blogs that do that but haven't figured that out yet either.

I finally took a picture of Kathy's fabrics for the Orange Crush. We used stash for the brown and red, she is sharing my indigo because I am pretty sure I bought too much since I could not decide between the two different ones, and we finally picked out her orange fabric which I love! She has 6 and a half of the step four blocks done...we have been busy and not much sewing has been happening but I am hoping she has time soon, or I will be helping her since we would like this step done and possibly the next one (I can dream) before we load of the van and she is off to Arizona on the 29th! Speaking of the van...
We decided to go with Penske after hearing several horror stories about recent UHaul trips people had taken. I have moved a million times and mostly have used UHaul without any problems (though one trip with my parents we had no AC in the van moving to AZ in May and it was HOT!) but just to be on the safe side we called Penske...turns out with our AAA discount they are cheaper anyway. So off we went to look at the 26 foot truck Kathy thought we would need (see her in the truck) and we decided it is TOO big! We downgraded to the 22 foot truck since she is going to be towing her car and her nephew will be keeping her company on the trip since I have to stay here for 10 more days for Hannah's graduation and orientation to college. They are bringing three of the dogs with them, and I will have one dog and one cat with me. We are nuts!

Kathy came to town with me on Friday for my last teaching class and we had time between things to grab lunch from Ray's (the BEST hot beefs and I never get there unless my favorite (and only) sister comes to town) and we stopped off at Carson Park for an impromtu picnic. The sun was shining and it was so quiet there. We took a few pictures of ourselves, and this was as good as it got. SMILE.
My daughter Hannah (in tan shirt on stage) got her Honors Cord from Chi Hi last Wed. night too. I am so proud of her. She does well in schoool and she works hard at Subway too. They decided to give her her nine foot party sub (for Grad party) for free as a graduation gift! I am pretty impressed with that as is she.
We went to the casino with Randy yesterday afternoon after packing a ton of stuff for moving....we actually all came out ahead! Not alot ahead, but we were there about four hours, entertained in style and left with money in our pockets! It was fun and we will miss hitting the casino now and then with Randy. When we got home I had a message on my machine (left on a Sat. at 5 PM) asking me for a phone interview for teaching ASL at a nearby high school in Arizona! I am really excited about it and think it could be a great job...different from teaching at a University (which I have done for the past six years) because there is more time with the students, they meet every day as opposed to once or twice a week and there is prep time and conference time built into my schedule! So cross your fingers they like my interview, and I like theirs!


Amanda said...

Lots of luck with your move, and hope the job interview turns out well. Wouldn't it be good if one of those experienced ' good' bloggers could put up some tutorials?

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

WOW! THANKS for the elaborate update!
And that moving date is looming so close now!

Your last comments made me really stop and think because there are days when I wish I was a college prof INSTEAD of 7-12 teacher BECAUSE of the "looser" schedule! I sometimes get so drained seeing the same kids day in and day out (mostly the "naughy" ones!!!!)

I wish you TONS of luck on your interview! I'm assuming that'll happen when you get down there and not before?

Keep us posted! AND---I'm amazed you are able to fit in ANY quilting time with all the packing you must be doing! Are you ever sleeping???