Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OC Step 4's in Progress AND Starlight Wish Block Done

I somehow changed a setting so now when I add photos I see all kinds of letters and such until after I post the blog. Makes it hard to know which picture I am talking about but I don't know what I did to know how to change it back...UGH. If anyone knows feel free to comment me so I can change that! So I have a picture of my Mother's Day cake which was yummy and is now all gone.

I also completed the Starry-Eyed Block # 9 for my NewQuiltingClub group. Here is the link http://www.blockcentral.com/starlightwishblock.shtml if you are interested in this one. It went together really well and I like the colors and everything. The other picture that has all the piles of sewn fabrics is Step 4 of the OC for me and Kathy. They are awaiting ironing and getting put into the spinning star blocks! I am hoping to get some of them done yet this afternoon!


Sue said...

Hi Andee
Not sure if I replied to you, but thankyou very much for your nice comments. The quilt is not one of Bonnies, but is my own thing, if thats possible these days.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Sorry hun, but I can't quite figure out what your exact distress is with the blog....perhaps email me with the steps that you do to insert an image, and maybe give me a clip of what appears....I'll try to debug it for you. I can't promise you results, but I'll try..... My webmaster skills might come in handy?

Amy (NW WI)