Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cutting Started on Rachels' Outside the Box Quilt

Some of you may remember my daughter Hannah's Outside the Box Quilt from The Modern Quilt Workshop book by Ringle and Kerr. I love this book and this pattern and my psuedo princess daughter (my ex's daughter whom I love) admired Hannah's quilt and said she would love one too when I asked her which quilt she would like. Years ago I made her this quilt with dog and cat fabric which suited her fine, but now she is 17 and a half years old and ready for a more mature quilt!

So I am using some of the same fabrics that I had leftover from Hannah's quilt, some from my JoAnn's tin purchase, and some I picked out specially after I found the backing fabric (large print flowers at the bottom of the picture). Kathy is taking a break from her OC step 4 (she has 13 blocks done now!) and has started the cutting for this one. I am doing the ironing, picture taking and blogging. Smile. I think Rachel's quilt will be larger than Hannah's...I think she has a double bed now (Hannah has a twin) so I would like to make it so she can use it for years to come.

We have been busy packing up the house everyday too. I have packed almost all of the sewing stuff...have left out this quilt top, my sister's star tablerunner, the pink and brown fabric I bought in Chicago and the Fit to Frame patterns I bought there, a few fat quarters in case I get a starry eyed block to do and a few quilting books. I am already feeling deprived. I left out the book Creating Your Own Quilting Space so that I can refresh my memory and make notes/dream about my quilting studio now that I will have one at the new house!
One of my online groups did a quick strip quilt today, but I have been feeling really low, headachey, etc. for two days and didn't participate. I may work on that later though since I do have strips here and it turned out well. The other thing I have been thinking might cheer me is to do a doll quilt...something quick I can see results from. Things in my personal life a really stressful suddenly and I am just putting one foot in front of the other right now until I can think clearly again. Life should be

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