Friday, May 9, 2008

Orange Crush Step Four In Progress!

Here is a sideways sneak preview of Kathy's "Double Stack" quilt. She did quite a bit of cutting last night and now is finishing it up. This is what one block looks like--they are quite big so it should go together pretty quickly for her. She is turning into quite the quilter. Used to be she came with me to the store and got bored, now she often finds something before I do and I wind up helping her coordinate fabric and forget what we went there for in the first place! She is making this for her sister JoAnn in MA.
Bonnie suprised us with the fourth step of the Orange Crush Mystery early today! I was busy doing online searches, resumes and phone calls so that I will have a job in Arizona to pay for my gorgeous house and as a reward I started reading blogs in the early evening...low and behold the first blog I read (Doxies on my Quilt) mentioned the fourth clue was out! So I was way behind on the news but good thing or I would have spent the day sewing instead of finding a job! GRIN. I quickly cut out some of the triangles and put one block together so I could give you a preview of what they will look like. The orange fabric underneath is what will go in the Orange Crush somewhere but not sure where yet! So this weekend I am going to be sewing some more of these blocks...think it said we need thirty so twenty nine to go!

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Amanda said...

Yours is the umpteenth block I've seen on my early morning trawl through the blogs, but I STILL haven't even reached Bonnie's instructions, yet alone started! Lots of luck with getting a job.