Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kathy's Step 4 OC done, and Step 5 Started

I helped Kathy with some of her step 4 stars and she just finished the last two. They are ironed and ready to go. I had already cut out and organized her step 5 stuff and now she is cutting the orange squares for step 5. I am hoping we can get going on that step. Tomorrow we get the truck, you can see my priorities, lol.
Waiting for orange squares...
Starting to cut the orange, WOW she says!
I picked up "Quick Quilts" #91 and love the table topper they have in here called Garden Party. The fabrics are great, but I am envisioning this one with Mark Lipinski's Katmandu! I have already packed the ones I bought but may have to add this to my list of things to make.
Picture has a lot of glare, but you get the idea. The fabric is Jane Sassaman's Hothouse Garden. I really like them in this quilt but Katmandu would be cool too!

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Myra said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog! Very colorful! Wonderful!
I shall visit again! 8-)