Friday, May 2, 2008

Step Three of the OC

Tonight I finally did manage to sew for a few hours! I have all of my step three units together (and almost all of Kathy's too). I am kind of glad I didn't have time to work on these right away because I benefited from all the discussion about the mirror image and how to avoid winding up with too many of one side and not enough of the other! I tried to do one side at a time and only threw in a wrong one here and there so I was able to catch it with no problem. Considering they are all triangles I think they look okay. Next clue we will be working with the fabric we chose--I am ready for this!
I had another great mail day! My Quilt Talk group's ABC swap arrived! In this picture "a" is in the bottom left and "b" is above it if you try to figure out what is what. Since today is quite rainy (getting CJ's stuff from storage was great fun as is DOWNPOURED just as we were loading the car!) I think my favorite fabric in here is the cute umbrellas! The fabrics are all really cute. I am waiting on another groups exact same swap then I am sure Ben (my nephew) will find himself another quilt...he has two at home, one at my sister's and needs one at my place and one at grandma's yet the way I figure it! He will be one year old on Cinco de Mayo...I can't wait to meet him when I get to AZ...time sure does fly! The picture below is of Ben wiht my mom helping him ride the horsie. Not sure he feels like a cowboy for this picture, but he sure is cute!

While I was busy sewing, Kathy was busy cutting some wood. She sells stuff on ebay and now on etsy and right now with Mother's Day around the corner the "I Love You, Mom" signs are hot! She did up about a half dozen this afternoon. Aren't they great? If you are dying for this or any other wood sign with names or I love you hands, etc. look her up. I think if you search for Onegrtemt you can find her...or search Deaf, Sign Language, wood signs, etc.

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