Saturday, May 24, 2008

Started on Orange Crush, Step 5

Bonnie had warned us that she may have to post late with step 5 of the OC, so I had resigned myself to waiting until after the move to work more on this she suprised us and posted (not late after all really) the directions. They are if you somehow have not seen them yet. I immediately went up and started cutting out the orange and indigo squares for these blocks and spent the next few hours sewing the blocks. I finished all twenty of these blocks, but this step also has 18 of these cut in half (basically though we are assembling them instead of cutting them in half) so I have those to put together tomorrow. I love the colors, but really still have no idea how these go with these:
But I guess that is the mystery! This quilt must be HUGE when it is done, because we have 30 stars and 20 with the orange, plus the half ones and I still have parts in the bin that may wind up in something else...really exciting when the mystery gets this close to being solved.
We got all of Mac's stuff out of the house and off with his Dad today. Also met the ex's new fiance, by all accounts she seems VERY nice. A definate improvement from the woman he left me We picked Buck (Kathy's newphew) up from the airport and he couldn't get over how green and open it was here as compared to Arizona. The dogs are all over him and he isn't sure he is all that dog crazy.
Tomorrow we are planning to hit the orchard/winery and stock up on my favorite wine since I won't be able to get it in Arizona. Other than that I am sure we will do a little packing since we are down to the wire here. Have not heard more on my job yet, but got my second reference letter today and WOW it was really nice. So I sent that on. One to go!


Amanda said...

You sound a little more cheerful today, I hope you are feeling it too. I think you're amazing to be keeping up with the OC when you're about to move - or is it the sewing the thing that's keeping you sane? How long to go now before the move?

Can you solve a mystery for me please - why do you sign your posts as Angela?

Rhonda said...

Great job of almost getting the Album blocks done! Isn't this mystery wonderful?!
Check my blog, Doxies on My Quilt, I made three Album blocks then started to play around with star blocks.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and comment on the giveaway, but you are set to no-reply comment.

Kathy Wagner said...

OH are quick!
Great blocks!