Thursday, May 8, 2008

Starry Eyed Block Ten (before block nine, lol)

I had my last long work day until after I move and find a new job or jobs! So to celebrate I picked fabrics for starry eyed block nine and ten. I decided to go right to block ten and cut it out and sewed it. These half square triangles gave me a few problems but it works. If you are interested in the link it is decided to lay out all the starry eyed blocks just to see what I had going on. I didn't spend any time frogging around rearranging since I had to hold back four dogs the whole time I was trying to take a picture. I can't wait to have my quilting studio with a real design wall that I can gate the dogs out of if I need peace to piece! SMILE. I am sure the cat will help me regardless!
I wanted to show you the very first redwork that I talked about here the other day...not winning any awards with it, but it was enjoyable and now lives in the car so when I have time there I can work on it some more!
I have to work on making calls to AZ for job info tomorow (and I have one terp job in town too) but other than that I am hoping to work on that other block. I am anxiously waiting for Bonnie's next clue for Orange Crush too! Tonight Kathy is cutting out jelly roll strips to make Ingrid Barlow's "Double Stack" quilt for her sister JoAnn. Here is a picture of the pattern, though she is using Moda's fabrics (Mix and Mingle) which are much darker. This should go together pretty easily for her. I may help if she wants...we just kind of work together on "her" projects and she often cuts and irons for me. How great is that?

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Quirky said...

You are lucky! I wish my missus would quilt....she won't have a bar of it...but I live in hope!

Sue in West Oz