Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strip Quilt

I am still trying to get out of my funk. I think the stress of moving, finding a job, planning a graduation party, my son's court postponement, etc is getting to me. The stress gives me migraines and they make me tired, cranky and suicidal! So today I decided that I should just sew and feel better. Yesterday my online group NewQuiltingClub did a strip quilt and I was not in any way able to join in. So a day late, but I followed Monica's directions and used up leftover strips from Kathy's jelly roll and other tan and green strips that I had cut up (thanks to Bonnie at Quiltville!). I was pretty random on this and so in some places there are more lights together than I would like, but I was very happy with it after adding the borders also from stash that hadn't been packed up!
It is really just a lap size and I like how it turned out. Not bad for a few hours of sewing. The gals in my group are donating some of these somewhere and mine may wind up with those since I really have no one in mind for it yet.
Kathy cut out all of the blocks for Rachel's quilt and is hoping to cut out the background for it tonight. Then that one will be ready for sewing too.
We move a week from tomorrow. Spent some time in the garage today getting that all together. We will get a ton of boxes tomorrow morning and do more packing. Getting down to the odds and ends now.
My phone job interview went pretty well. I was happy with it though for whatever reason my mood went right downhill after the call. Worry maybe, who knows. I got an email from the principal today saying that I am being strongly considered, they have more interviews to do but I am the type of person they want, and asking me if I had other offers pending. So that is a good sign I think...just need a little time and hopefully I have a job. This one really does look perfect for me! Cross your fingers please ;)

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Amanda said...

Oh Angela, I'm so sorry that you are feeling down in the dumps. It's really not surprising - moving house is known to be one of the most stressful things we can do, and add to that all of the other **** that life is throwing at you at the moment, it's hardly surprising that your brain is trying to cut out sometimes. There's nothing I can say really, except to keep reminding yourself that it WILL get better. But DO try and take more time for yourself, forget the stuff that really doesn't have to be done, forget trying to help everybody else and concentrate on YOU - if you crack up everyone else will have problems. If you want to get things off your chest I'm happy for you to email me - I can't do much but just 'chatting' might help.