Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE Mystery 2013

I helped Kathy unsew the other two rows of her quilt while she got this much of it put together with her new trimming.  It is looking much better, this pattern was not too easy imho!  Too much bias! I do love how it came out theough! 
Here are a few more photos of the Arizona sunshine.  Love that my bush blooms during the coldest part of our winter!  I am working all day today and tomorrow so not much sewing going on for me, but hopefully Kathy will get her NYE Mystery done.  We have Bonnie's Celtic Solstice and the 35th Ave. BOM to work on!  So much to sew and so little time!
*edit* Kathy finished up her top tonight!  Love it!

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Roslyn said...

Those turned out great Angela.