Sunday, January 26, 2014

Collaboration Celebration of "Ring Around the Hexies" Anyone?

Ros finished quilting Packer Solstice in record time!  I stopped by to pick it up Saturday night since I was up that way for a Pampered Chef party anyway!  Today I went to Becky's to sew and got the binding done.  I have to bury some threads and get a picture in the sunshine, but I am tickled green and gold with it!  
Speaking of Ros, I convinced her that we should take on another Bonnie project for fun!  We can never get enough!  This one was designed by her and Mickey Depre.  I spent time today piecing the hexies so I can hand sew them together.  This will be a take my time project, I am in no rush to get it done, but just wanted to get it started.  Anyone else working on this or want to get going on it?  We can cheer each other on!
 The pattern is in this little book.  The hexie configuration is called "Boomer" and depending on the way you turn the pieced hexies you get different looks!  I am trying to decide which one I should go with!

It is really hard to decide which one to use, there are four in the wallhanging size (which is what I am going for at this point) and I suppose I can pick my four favorite if I want!


Angie said...

Love how the Packer quilt came out! I'm going to send along some mojo in hopes the Pack has a better season next year!

Sheila said...

It looks great! Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

Gina said...

What a great pattern. If I can get hold of the book I'll play along xx

Roslyn said...

Oh I love them Angela but can I do it? You know I am not much for hand sewing anymore......I need some one on one strong encouragement I think to get started!

Roslyn said...

That's a great pic you have the biggest smile on your face, I love it!