Thursday, January 16, 2014

Astronomical Quilt Block Challenge

Karen Nyberg did a little quilting in space and now there is a 

Astronomical Quilts Block Challenge at Martingale!

What’s the challenge? Submit a star-themed block, of any style, that measures 9½" square unfinished, so that it will measure 9″ when pieced into a quilt. Use a permanent marker to write your name on the front of your block.
How many blocks can I submit? One block per person.
When must entries be submitted? August 1, 2014.
You can find more information about the Astronomical Quilts Block Challenge, including specifics on where to send your block, in this flyer.

So I have been thinking about this and I think it would be fun to make a block!  Of course I want it to be a Bonnie block since that is what I love best!  The first pattern that comes to mind is of course the very fun Talkin' Turkey blocks which I am doing for my Rainbow BOM.  Unfortunately they are 12 inches and this block needs to be 9 inches.  I highly doubt I can figure out that kind of Math--seriously so unless by blogging buddy Amy or some other such Math gifted person can tell how to do this I am at a loss!  
I did get this awesome block tool for Christmas and it has a ton of 9 inch star blocks in it, but of course no Talkin' Turkey!  I may wind of having to go with Union Square 1!  Are any of you making a star block for this challenge?

Edit** Check out what Amy came up with!


Heather said...

How about a Maverick Star or Wonky Wishes block? Or...resize a swoon block...that was super cute!

Amy said...

I'm on it, Chickie-pooh! Check blog later on.... I won't let you down :) I was in need of a change of pace ;)

Kevin the Quilter said...

OK! Now I see what you are up to! Cool!