Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celtic Solstice Reveal is Out!

I had barely finished sewing the NYE Mystery when Bonnie revealed Celtic Solstice!  I had been sewing all day so...yesterday I spent some of the day sewing two teaser blocks together before sewing all the blocks into threesies.

The first set of blocks is all pressed and ready to sew, and the second set is awaiting pressing.  With sewing all day the day before the iron started to feel like it weighed twenty pounds!  I am hoping to get to ironing them after work tonight.  I am guessing I won't be getting back to them until Saturday late afternoon, I really cannot wait to see what Packer Solstice looks like but work gets in the way, lol! 


Moneik said...

The blocks look great. Good job on keeping up.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Your blocks are looking good...i got two rows sewn today...hope to continue tomorrow.

Roslyn said...

I am excited about the Bonnie road trip in Feb. Fun fun fun!
I am planning to get my last to one clue done this week since I p99339689429urchased a another Easy Angle ruler!

Roslyn said...