Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, Monday!

Last night I finally finished up this puzzle!  As you can see there is one missing piece in it--we started this one at my mom's a year ago Christmas, boxed it back up and then worked on it here so no telling if it wound up lost at her place or what.  It was a tough one, but fun.  Thinking I might start another one today--I have a long break in my work schedule today--so I redid the Ooh Rah!  block in the correct size!  Last time I grabbed a finished pinwheel assuming it was the right size (why, oh why would I do that?) and then made it all fit after I realized I had it wrong.  I love the block though so no worries.  This one will be in the QOV I am making for Alycia.   It has been too long again!  Thanks Kevin the Quilter for the QOV inspiration!  

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