Friday, January 17, 2014

Amy Answered the Call!!!

Had a short day at work today and then came home and made homemade vegetable soup and banana bread.  Also did some deep cleaning in the kitchen on and off.  The more I clean, the more I find to clean! Tomorrow I am working for a few hours, but after that I hope to get back to sewing!
Amy answered my Math distress call!  Love that girl!  Thank you Amy!  I am so glad I didn't attempt it because Amy said it was a bit harder than it should have been.  I made mine in red, white and blue and now am all ready to donate my block to the Astronomical Quilt Block Challenge!  I am very excited to make sure that among the donated blocks is a Bonnie Hunter block!  Here you can also see how it measures up next to the original blocks...still working on them for the Rainbow BOM.

My online sewing friend Susan sent me a full box of fabric strips and scraps!  I mentioned that I would love any cut off triangles from Celtic Solstice if folks didn't want them in the facebook group and the next thing I know I am getting fabric in the mail.  Seriously made my day.  I sorted and organized it all and could not wait to play with it!  So I sewed up a Wild and Goosey block...lots of fun new fabrics in there!  I also used some of the fabric in the donation block above.  Thank you Susan, you rock!

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Sheila said...

Love your Wild and Goosy and Talkin Turkey blocks. You have been busy! Somehow I've missed reading some of your posts. Just got caught up. Celtic Solstice looking good!