Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Feeling Blue, but Still Sewing Blue!

Kathy has made a few more blocks for her Celtic Solstice.  She isn't too sure she loves it, but I know she will.
I sewed Angela's "Anvil" block last night in blue for the Rainbow BOM.

I also decided to go ahead and do the Ooh Rah! BOM from Quilter's Newsletter magazine.  I dug in my leftover parts bin and found a pinwheel and got started.  I figured out somewhere along the way that my pinwheel was actually not the size called for in the pattern.  so I did some creative sewing and made the block work, though it is actually not as large as the pattern calls for so I will have to redo it or add white to all the outside edges.  Either wa this block will get used somewhere.  Sometimes my plan of saving time winds up costing me time! 
Working today til 4, then a nice long weekend before my college terp job starts back up.  I am still waiting on the schedule with fingers crossed!  Hope you are sneaking in some sewing today!
I added a Pinterest Board with all these blocks too!

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Kevin the Quilter said...

Kathy's version is going to be great! The colors are just like Bonnie's. Look at you go with those RSC blocks!