Monday, January 27, 2014

Modern Medallion Quiltalong Anyone?

Fluffy Sheep Quilting decided to hop on the bandwagon that the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland got rolling and well, I am in too!  They are going to be making a Modern Medallion as a quiltalong using the tutorials over at the Catbird Quilt Studio!  How fun it that going to be?
I have always wanted to do a medalian quilt, but need things like this spoon fed to me, I found this out the hard way when I tried to copy a medallian quilt that I saw in a magazine (that was in a museum--picture above is similar to teh one I saw).  I had only recently started quilting again and thought I could "figure it out" bought the fabric and everything.  Drafted a few different things and realized I like to follow someone else's pattern.  Anyone else's really!  So eventually I repurposed the fabric though I still have the center part of the medallian which was a panel--it reminds me that I wanted a medallian daily!  It usually hangs out on the design wall or the railing, just waiting for me to do something with it! 
Of course, now that I have seen modern medallians I have something completely different in mind!  I did a google picture search for "Modern Medallian" and found all kinds of cool stuff....not the least of which was this book which (gasp) I don't own!
  So yep, I need another project.  Gonna try it!  By February 5th I will have played in my fabric and come up with some stash to sew ith and I am supposed to create an inspirational mosaic to inspire my first central block of this medallian quilt. There will be a linky party so we can see what everyone comes up with.  This is going to be SEW much fun!

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Gina said...

I'm playing along aswell. Only made one medallion quilt and would love to make another.Need to play and design a centre now xx