Sunday, January 5, 2014

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

This morning Kathy and I went to 35th Ave. for our new BOM.  We switched up locations (closer to home) and weekends (no choice) so it started today.  After I had my last PHXMQG board meeting (I am no longer secretary, more time to sew!!) we came home and organized the bills and tax stuff and made way for the new year's worth of bills and tax stuff and then we got to sewing on our 35th Ave. BOM from 2013.  I made it this far before hanging it up!  As you can see in the upper right corner one of my geese is hanging over the edge...I didn't want to just chop it off but I couldn't face pulling it apart and taking some deeper seams and then redoing it so done for now!  It needs four more black borders after this but since it doesn't have a home yet and isn't in the quilting budget anyways, it will be hanging in the closet for awhile.
Angela's Kaleidoscope of Kolor
 Meanwhile, Kathy finished hers!  She had a slightly uneven spot and added in some more black to work it out and it came out great!  Hard to get a picture of it a quilt this huge at night..not enough space or light.  We will drag it outside soon.  Hers also needs a good pressing before it finds its way to Ros.  She works miracles with our quilts!  This one will be going to Kathy's niece in New York so it is going to find our longarmer sooner than mine.
Kathy's Kaleidoscope of Kolor for her niece Bree
 Now the whole reason we did that right away was because we both could not wait to get back to Celtic Solstice!  I now have all my blocks made and over half of it together!  I absolutely love it.  I cannot wait for it to be all done so Ros can work her magic on this one!  You may recall she did Orca/Green Bay for me and quilted in GO PACK GO and GREEN BAY PACKERS on it.  I am hoping she will do the same on this one.  Would be fun to have RODGERS in there too and maybe even FLYNN, everyone will know what year this quilt was made.
Plans for tomorrow include watching the Packer game and finishing up this quilt top!


Sheila said...

Beautiful quilts! Your Celtic Solstice progress makes me want to finish mine. I need more hours in the day.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Loving your Celtic Solstice, certainly has gorgeous colors and isn't the design just wonderful.

Moneik said...

Love your Packers quilt. The colors are great. I am working on one for my SIL to be and it will be from the Giant Star Surround QAL.

Roslyn said...

Did your BOM go together any easier than Kathy's? I am NOT looking forward to this construction and I plan to add the optional stars!

Alycia said...

Love both of them!! Tell Ros Hi for me!!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

That kaleidoscope quilt is stunning.....I really love how vibrant those colors are against the black!