Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally Some Sewing Time!

June has been in the process of moving for a bit now...yesterday she had movers come take what we had packed and get it over to her new place in Paradise Valley.  I am excited for her to get a new start but bummed she will be so far from me.  We have lots more work to do over there, but I am amazed at what all we pulled off!
My new bedroom floor is in and I love it!  It sounds different in the room and we can hear every step the dogs make on it at night, but it is clean and looks good!  We also finally got our garage roof redone so it doesn't leak.  We have fixed it three different times (three different people) with absolutely no luck.  Can't wait for the rain to see if the professionals did better than we did.  

I also took some pictures of the reorganization of my quilting studio after the great fabric purchase.  All my modern fabrics are on the top shelf here with yarn and knitting and crochet stuff next to it.  To the far right which you can't really see is the stack of drawers that some of my smaller chunks of fabric are in.  They are stuffed full.

Here is the new (old) shelf that I added to the room.  All the bigger chunks of fabric are arranged by color or type and are easy to see (the old shelf is wider and the fabric was two deep so I couldn't see it all) which I really like.  We moved the microwave cart down to the kitchen and it is already filling up there too.

Close up of the fabric on the shelf.
Today Angela over at SoScrappy posted that yellow is this month's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I am happy to say I made my two yellow Jack in the Box blocks.  My bonus pinwheels were actually made a month or two ago from leftover scraps.  I will make more from the leftover bits of these blocks.
Here are all the blocks I have so far (I got bored one day and whipped up an orange one but we haven't had orange yet, lol!) and I am loving this scrappy quilt.  

My Stitch kitty is finally cooperating and is hanging out in the quilting studio.  She likes to be in the middle of whatever action is going and so as to slow us down!  

And the UFO of the month pick is number two which is my sister's crown quilt.  I have been really dreading getting going on this.  I am using a pattern but the color placement I have (based on another online quilt) doesn't work with any of my patterns so I had to figure some stuff out myself.  Add to that that I didn't realize there are actually FOUR different blocks in each of these big blocks (I thought there were two for some reason) I really struggled to get the first block together correctly.  Today I finally managed it and of course getting the second one made was much easier.  Kathy picked up cutting the Crown Royal bags where DJ left off and I made more hsts, so I may have hope of completing this top this month.  In any event it is seeing some progress which it would not have if not for the UFO pick!
Going to go to bingo tonight with Kathy and a few new friends.  We haven't gone in a long time so it should be fun!


scraphappy said...

Your blocks look so great all together like that. Your variety of background fabrics really makes it interesting. Awesome looking floor, with pets, you really will find it easier to keep clean, just sweep away all the hair, it is right there on the surface and easy to see.

Edith said...

Your yellow Jack in the Box are looking very nice.

Angie said...

Your yellow Jack in the Boxes look so happy and sunny! And all the blocks together - ooh la la! It's going to be one beautiful rainbow quilts!

blauraute said...

It will be a beautiful quilt.
I've take a walk on your wonderful blog. I'll come back soon.
Have a nice week

Roslyn said...

Hope you have better luck with the Ugly fabric challenge, what I received is going to Goodwill! Two of the pieces were not even cotton but blends the rest came from WalMart or Joanne! Yuck! Guess I will make up my own challenge.
Crown Royal is coming along Andee & I love the Jack In the Box blocks.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your scrappy Jack in the Box will be a fabulous quilt!