Thursday, May 17, 2012

Doc Schnibbles in Progress

Still knitting dishcloths...finished this one in the car on the way to work.  It mostly got done while on hold at work or between calls.  I love the colors of this yarn.  So relaxing and peaceful..I need all the relaxing and peaceful I can get!  I have already picked out the next ball of yarn and will get going on it here at work (yes I am blogging from work) I get a sentence typed, answer the phone and repeat lol!  Love my jobs! 

Last night I finally hit it hard with Doc Schnibbles which is a card trick block.  Finally picked up some speed on it too!  I had three blocks done in as many days, but last night I managed to whip up six blocks (with Kathy trimming the blocks as we went :)) and get the sashing and cornerstones on each block so I have a flimsy without borders.  All the border block hst's are made so should make short work of finishing this up tonight after work.  So excited to have this one almost done.  I love the way it looks, but it was a bit putsy for me. I should never say never though because I really do like the overall look of this and I would never have tried it if not for the Schnibble challenge so thanks Sinta, Sherry and Carrie (and Miss Rosie) for inspiring me into doing this, lol.  Even my cutting screw up wound up working out :)  This one will be a baby quilt gift down the line I am sure. 

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Debbie said...

Know there are laws about texting while driving, but I guess it is OK to knit and drive!!! Love Doc...Haven't even started mine..have my fabric ready. Hope to make it this weekend