Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cheddar Challenge and Doc Schnibbles is Cut

 Today I sewed up two more blocks of cheddary challenge bow ties.  I cut a few more too.
 This quilt is growing.  I really like it and think this will remain a favorite of mine for years to come.
 Kathy and I also cut out Doc Schnibbles.  I am using the Fairy Tale Friends fabric line.  I think it is going to be cute.
 I picked out these for fabrics for the Ugly Challenge.  I have no idea how my poor partner can figure out a way to put all of these in a quilt.  If mine are this ugly I will be taking Bonnie Hunter's advice and cutting it up SMALL!  For the record I really love the large flower one and made a bag out of it.  I just have no idea what else I would do with it and it has been in my stash too long.  I can't wait to see what fabrics I get and figure out what to do with it!

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