Saturday, May 19, 2012

Feeling Blue

 In November of 2008 I made "A is for Adaminaby" as my first mini quilt.  It got me hooked on little quilts and I can remember how happy I was making it (I actually made two) since it wasn't long after we moved here and got into my quilting studio.  Today I cleaned through the bookshelf above and got rid of a ton of quilting magazines...see the space I made on the shelf?  LOL.  While doing so I ran across the magazine that had this little quilt in it and decided I should make it in blues and try to remember how happy I once was.  In the end I named it "Feeling Blue" since I am still blue though it makes me smile anyway.
 It is a super simple little quilt to make--twelve strips sewn together and cut apart again (1.5 inches) and then some unsewing and resewing and viola you have a cute little quilt.
 Here is is with one of the originals.

 I hung it up (other minis behind it) so I can look at it while I sew.  When I get the motivation I will hand tack it like I did the other one.
 The only other productive thing I did today (besides making spaghetti and trying to get some old frozen bread to rise) was help Kathy hang this pegboard and arrange my rulers.  I have wanted one of these in this exact spot since we moved here almost four years ago.  It will be so much easier to find my rulers and I was pleasantly surprised to find most of them had a hole for the hooks!  You can also see the little yellow pinwheels I made the other night on the design wall.
Tomorrow is another day, hoping it will be less blue :)

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Gretchen said...

Sorry you are feeling blue. I think the spaghetti will help (really! tomatoes are good stuff). Love your little quilt and the sunshiny pinwheels on your wall. Here's to a better week ahead.