Friday, May 25, 2012

Crown Quilt UFO is a Flimsy!

 Today I finished up my favorite sister Tina's Crown Quilt.  It is smaller than I originally envisioned, but I just wanted to get this one off my list!  It will look good folded over a chair or on the back of a couch at my sister's.  Her birthday is in August so this will be her gift.  She already likes it and has shared it on facebook so that makes me smile.

 I asked Kathy to take a picture of Doc Schnibbles outside for the parade...this is what I got back.  I will need to retake the picture so you can't see the rectangle thingy and so that is is on flat ground.  She tried, lol.
I also made some more bow ties and had a few done from the other day so I got another block together.  I also cut for more bow ties when I was feeling putzy this afternoon.  I am loving Fridays off and think I should implement it year round.  I have worked way too much in the last year and I need to recharge my batteries.  I am amazed at how one extra day makes me feel like I have time to do the things I want to do!
Kathy and I went to the Deaf Coffee chat at Starbucks tonight for a few hours.  I have made some good friends through that group and wish Kathy would learn some sign so it wouldn't be so boring for her.  She doesn't mind if I go alone, but I have been dragging her along.  :)


Roslyn said...

PS. your sister's Crown quilt turned out really well, I need to try that Hunter Star!
The baby quilt Schnibbles is done.

vtquilter said...

That Crown Royal came out great! Also love the Pineapple Blossom in the last post. So bright and cheery.

soscrappy said...

So glad you got the crown quilt done, even if it is smaller than you planned, it still looks great.