Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Uglies and More

I joined an Ugly Challenge swap because Ros and BJ were doing one and I thought it would be fun for us all to do the same thing.  I think I also talked them both into doing Cal's Mystery quilt on June 2nd!  So my partner is Robyn in TX and here is what she sent me.  I love the two on the lower right and can deal with the others in the bottom row but the top row...well let us just say Robyn did a great job picking out the uglies!  But I will most likely follow Bonnie Hunter's advice and cut it up really small til it looks great!
The Uglies Robyn in TX sent me

 Ros was not at all happy with the fabric she got.  Some of it wasn't even cotton so she was going to ditch the idea of participating but BJ had other ideas and brought her (and me, SURPRISE) a bag of uglies she had picked from her stash.  I love the two on the right end!  So I am not sure if I will be making two uglies or if I will throw it all again together or what but it will get used!
The Uglies BJ gifted me

 Here are the Uglies I sent to Robyn in TX.  At one time I did actually like the three on the right, but I am over them now!  Can't wait to see what she does with them.
The Uglies I sent to Robyn in TX
While at AZ Huggy Bunch at Ros' yesterday (for two hours only then off to help my parents unpack and hang pictures) I sewed up the HST's for this card trick block for Doc.  When I got home I attempted to put a block together and I do mean attempted.  I think this is the most complicated Schnibble I have done to date.  Someone else blogged about having problems with the directions so I should have taken notice.  I mistakenly cut the charm squares into quarters when the directions clearly say to cut the background into quarters and the charm squares into a half and two quarters.  UGH!  SO I had to seam up two quarters to get a half again and then sew them.  Now I need to trim this first block so it can become a block.  Another day.  
 I have been knitting dishcloths though so that just may become my Christmas through the year for this month because I am just not getting in enough sewing time!  I do make them all year long to give at Christmas anyway so that is fine.  I work on them in the car and at work if I get lucky enough to be on hold.
 So May is halfway over (Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there--my oldest son made me breakfast, my daughter sent me a bonsai tree and the yougest actually acknowledged the holiday and said if he had his new debit card I would have had flowers!  Kathy took me out for sushi too so it was a great holdiay! ) and I still have my Doc Schnibbles to do and my sister's Crown quilt top for the UFO challenge not to mention I haven't even cut the doll quilt for Kathleen Tracy's challenge.  I have the book and really like this month's quilt so I will get to it.  My sister's Crown Quilt has seen progress...Kathy has been cutting apart bags and I have two blocks together and pieces for more.  I suspect that quilt is just going to be alot smaller than planned.  Done is better than nothing.  I think because it is made of Crown bags it may not wash up great so I don't think I should go nuts on the size and my sister will be happy to get it for the back of a couch and not for the top of a bed!  At least that is what I am telling myself because that is one quilt I never really wanted to make.
Today we are going to June's to help her unpack and organize things.  I would like to get into her sewing room and do that but we will see what she needs done.

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Roslyn said...

Ha so you dobbed me in publicly & I now HAVE to make something with BJ's uglies, yuck, BJ why did you do this to me?!