Friday, May 18, 2012

Preparing for Cal's Spring Mystery!

Kathy and I spent the day at June's working on her sewing room.  We got through all the rest of the fabric and sorted through all that was there for some organization.  We hauled a bunch of stuff back to June's for the sale.  There is still so much to do, but June and I are having a good time doing it anyway!  
Cal is doing a mystery on June 2nd and Ros, BJ, Kathy, June and I (and anyone else we can convince) will be gathering at Ros' to work on it.  I love mysteries but only seem to have time for one to two each year.  The first picture is of my fabric choices.  June passed on the cute suitcase fabric which I snapped up because it has "Paris" on it and my cousin Ashley loves all things Paris so this will be her wedding quilt for fall.  I had to pick some matching colors from my now substantial stash and came up with these.  I had to add more of the reddish color in another fabric too.  It was from the same line so it will work fine, but it has a pattern on it.  Oh well, I am NOT buying any fabric lol!  I think it will be cute and I will most likely put the other Paris fabric I bought which doesn't match and was only one yard on the back.  

Kathy decided to make her Dad a lap quilt since they are Irish.  She went with the snoopy stuff for the pop fabric with the solid as the second most fabric and the shamrock last.  I am sure it will be busy but her dad will love it!

So Kathy and I cut all the clues up and put them in labeled bags.  I also folded some bigger chunks of fabric and cut some bow ties for the Cheddary Challenge (I did sew up a half a dozen of them yesterday).  I also sewed some pinwheel blocks for Jack in the Box in yellow but didn't take a picture.  

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