Monday, May 21, 2012

Tina's Crown UFO Progress

 Bug always has to get in the photos!  She seems to think when the camera comes out it is time to jump up over and over again til I pick her up.  This is why I have  a ton of pictures with her on everything I make and try to take a picture of!  So this is this month's is seeing progress which is great, but I really just want this one done.  I need to add at least two more big blocks (and really four more after that) but I just want to get borders on it and call it done!  LOL.  In any event I plan to get the top done by the end of May to meet my goal and my sister will get whatever size it is at that point!

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soscrappy said...

Some projects make us so glad to just be done. It looks fabulous, though I can imagine the purple fabric is not fun to deal with. Calling it finished at the end of the month sounds like the perfect plan.