Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival--Green Bay!

It is time again for:
Thanks Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side for hosting!
So I decided to enter my Orca Bay..renamed Green Bay for the Packers of course!  Here it is all quilted and bound.  This was Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt started last November and recently completed.  

This quilt is special to me because I am from Wisconsin and am at least a third generation Packer fan!  I love Bonnie's mystery quilts and the annual tradition that goes with making them.  I usually copy her color scheme exactly but went out on a limb with this one because I had so many greens and yellows and happy accident it is a Packers quilt!
Ros Atwood professionally quilted it for me with this football panto and surprised me with some special words on the quilt like "Go Pack Go" and "Green Bay Packers" which makes it even more special.  This is one of my favorite quilts ever!

 Enjoy the rest of the festival!


CitricSugar said...

Lovely quilt - the quilting is pretty fun!

Laura said...

Good for you, doing OB in your own colors. I did mine the same as Bonnie's but you are encouraging me to try my own color scheme.

Janine said...

Love this. The special quilting is great!

Teresa F. said...

Wow! I love that quilt. Great colors not to mention the quilting. Awesome.

Patchwork Penguin said...

How totally 'cheesey' is that!!! Go Pack! IT would look lovely with my cheese-head sitting on it :o)


Borderline Quilter said...

Great Quilt!
One of these days I'd love to do one of Bonnies Mysteries???

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Gretchen said...

Love this quilt. How fun to have a football themed panograph for it too. Bet you can't wait for Fall to curl up and cheer for the Packers:)