Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doc Schnibbles is Slow but Steady

Still helping June unpack and organize and get ready for the mother load of thrift sales.  She has been going through her fabric and is getting rid of quite a bit of it.  There just isn't room for all of it in her new sewing room.  We didn't realize how much fabric she had until most of it was in the room and there was no where for us to be!  The good news is June is paying me in fabric so I can take any of the to be sold fabric that I want.  And since I just got tons of fabric at that estate/thrift sale I really don't have lots of room (or need) for lots of fabric but it is fun trying to pick some that I might use for certain things.  I picked out some kiddie fabric to make more burp cloths (I already gifted two of my Christmas through the year ones to Janae when I sent her the bunny baby quilt) and I decided to participate in the Florabunda strip swap on quiltvilleswap.  I don't have much by way of yellows or florals so I picked some out from June's discards and will be cutting them up and exchanging them so I will have a wide variety to make Florabunda with someday!  I don't plan to start it anytime soon, but thought it couldn't hurt to have all the cut pieces set aside all ready to go!  And I don't have to try to collect a whole bunch of different florals and yellows on my own!  If I get really ambitious maybe I will do enough to suprise June with a set of different fabrics all ready to go too! 

So despite having a less crazy work schedule this week I still haven't gotten in much sewing!  Kathy and I went and picked up our new glasses last night then did some more work at June's house.  I managed to make a third Doc Schnibbles block last night (on the bottom) and like the way they look...can't wait to see this quilt come all together though I still think it will be my only card trick ever, lol! 
Doc Schnibbles in Progress
Hopefully tonight there will be sewing at my house from 7 PM on!  I just need a me night, lol!  Besides this Schnibbles I also have my favorite sister Tina's Crown Quilt to work on (only two blocks done and it is the UFO challenge for the month, yikes!) and I haven't even cut the Doll quilt challenge for this month and though I really like the one that was picked this month I may wind up skipping it because the last thing I need is to start off June behind the eight ball.
In other news I got a few summer classes to interpret this summer which is great and helps keep me from working too many hours on my video relay job which makes me a happy girl.  Happy Hump Day.  (Now if my work shift would just go quickly so I can get home and sew!)

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